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What services do you offer?

We sell new US and European boutique brass instruments, cases and accessories.

Do you keep instruments in stock?

Absolutely.  We have these instruments ready to ship:
Trumpets and Flugels by Adams, daCarbo, Edwards
Double Horns by Alexander, Hans Hoyer, Jiracek, Paxman UK, Engelbert Schmid
Trombones by Adams, daCarbo, Getzen-Edwards, H. Glassl, Kuhnl u. Hoyer, Miraphone, John Packer UK, M. Schmelzer, J. Voigt
Tubas and Euphs by Adams, Alexander, Gronitz, Miraphone, B&S Perantucci

May I visit and come play these instruments?

Absolutely, please introduce yourself to Tawnee Lynn and make an appointment with her when you'd like to buy something new.

You don't offer much in new trumpets?

Not really.  By far the choice of most trumpeters is a new trumpet by Bach or Yamaha, both of which are excellent instruments.  Stradivarius or Xeno: you'll do well with either one.  These brands are also sold at every big box store online.  You can order several trumpets and arrange free return shipping.  We found that our own online sales of big-brand trumpets, sales which power this company, to be minimal.  Thus, we focus on other things besides trumpets and besides Bach and Yamaha.

Do you have Marcus Bonna Cases?  What about custom cases?

Absolutely.  Make an appointment with Tawnee Lynn if you'd like to buy a standard Marcus Bonna case from our stock.  Soon we will again be taking internet orders again for custom cases.  Maybe online in September, with delivery in January.  Usually it's three to four months for a custom case with our shipments arriving four times a year.  We try to stock popular models of MB cases in black nylon and a few colors.  

Do you offer used, consignment, rentals, repairs, lessons, parts, appraisals, bids?

No, we're mostly an import warehouse, photo studio and client studio, so we defer to other local experts for these services.  Stores that cater to schools and institutional business are the go-to places for these.

What are the rates of your services?

Consulting is billed at $100/hr.

How long does it take to receive a custom horn?

Three to six months from most every builder.

May I visit to test mouthpieces?

Absolutely you should visit when it's time to pick up something new.  We offer a 30-minute appointment with Tawnee Lynn or Steve when you're ready.  Even better, we can ship you several with a return label and you can try them at home for a week, just like Zappo's.  That will be the default when the new website is up in September-ish.  Ship and return - it's better.

Do you sell instruments by Conn, King, Bach, Holton, Eastman, Shires, Buffet, Besson, B&S, Meinl Weston, Jupiter, XO, Yamaha?

Rarely.  Nearly all of those brands can be found online at big box stores like Sweetwater, Amazon and Guitar Center now.  Click on those links, they're fun.  Some are sold direct from the maker as well.  It ceased to be any fun to chase those sales when we ourselves choose other instruments as our personal favorites.  The big brands are all a thing, yes they are.  But it's not what _we_ do.  We offer better horns with better style for the same price - so you won't settle for ordinary.

Who offers repair services?

Glendale: John Mason [email protected]
La Crescenta: Brad Close
Whittier: Charles Hargett
Claremont: John Sandhagen
Chino: Paul Kilntworth [email protected]
Long Beach: Long Beach Woodwinds (562) 421-0509
Fresno: The Horn Shop (559) 276-2247
Sacramento: Tim's BI
Iowa: Lee Stofer
Georgia: John Upchurch
New Jersey: Dillon Music (732) 634-3399

Who is your favorite?

It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.

Who offers retail showrooms for brass instruments in Southern California?

These SoCal stores offer some selection of brass and represent the major horn brands.  They offer longer open hours and more used or student instruments too.  These stores can also be your first stop for rentals, repairs and lessons.  Highly recommended...
Nick Rail
Instrumental Savings
Jim's Music
Stomvi USA
Eastman Music - factory showroom
Sam Ash
Horn Connection
Horn Trader - San Diego, Steve Dillard, new & used trumpets
Music & Arts - related to Guitar Center/WWBW
International House of Music
Baxter Northup
Garibaldi - trumpets, banda, repairs, plating
Yamaha USA - factory showroom
Bob Reeves - custom mouthpieces, Van Laar

How do I value my older brass instrument?

One favorite way is to search eBay for similar items and click "Sold Items" in the lower left column to see what has sold recently and what buyers have actually been paying.  If you'd like someone to sell the instrument for you, usually it costs 20-30% of the selling price.  eBay itself charges about 10% for the listing.

Can you tell me about my vintage instrument?

Not much, we're not vintage brass aficionados, just tall business people offering unique new products from around the world.
If your instrument is several decades old, you know by default we're going to say, "Treat yourself to a new horn.  You can finance the whole thing for x-dollars* a month."
*=3% of the price of the horn
Here is where people are talking about stuff or looking up historical stuff...
Horn People Group on Facebook
International Horn Society
Trombone Chat
Dave Werden Forum
Robb Stewart Historical Brass
King & H.N. White
Conn Loyalist
Bach Loyalist

Will you buy, trade or consign my instrument?

We're not able to offer these services.  For standard instruments we can recommend Sam Ash.  For historical instruments, Brass Ark.

May I phone you?

Yes, but for fastest service, email is absolutely better and the written word is superior.  The number is out there.  You can also make an appointment with Tawnee Lynn to visit.

Do you rent unusual instruments like C trumpet or rotary trumpet or tuba or bass trombone?

Sadly no one does this.  Rental instruments from any store are usually a selection of basic models.  Specialty instruments like those above tend to be rarer and more expensive; they don't really pay for themselves as a rental instrument business product.  We all simply have to buy them ourselves when the time comes.

Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through Synchrony Bank on purchases above $500.  Terms are 6 months with zero interest or 36 months at 13.99% interest.  The latter costs about $34 per month per $1000 borrowed, about 3% of the purchase price each month.  This adds about 20% overall to the cost of your instrument over three years.  Not terrible.  Your new $3000 trombone cost an extra $200 per year to rent the money to own it.  shrugemoji.jpg

Here's how to arrange financing yourself:
Many other banks offer the same plans as Synchrony, or better.  To find reasonable fixed-rate low-interest consumer financing for your instrument purchase, phone your local credit union or the bank that issues your credit card.  If you know a Musician's Union credit union, call them as well.  Ask any of these companies what $5000 for 6 months or 36 or 48 months would cost.  If their answer sounds good, say "OK, what about $10,000?"

If you are fortunate to own a home in the USA and have some equity available through it, this is the least expensive way to finance an instrument purchase: The Home Equity Line of Credit.  Ask your mortgage holding bank about this, and buy this little book on eBay to learn how to pay it off much faster and save money.  "Own Your Home Years Sooner", by Harj Gill.  This book is a simple game changer for your financial life and is something that musicians and homeowners should know.  A HELOC payment is interest only for 15 years and then principal and interest for 10 years.  HELOC payments are usually 0.3% per month in these days of lower interest rates.  But that means you can own a $10K tuba for $30 per month interest.  This is very powerful.

What is this, I can't even...

The Horn Guys closed the Pasadena showroom in 2020, pivoted to internet-only sales for 3 years, and is now representing select products for local clients and also internet sales.  Meet Tawnee Lynn and make an appointment to visit.

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