...we are brass players, and brass players are our friends, so we stock equipment to satisfy all of us.

What we sell

We import unique musical products from Miel Adams, Aida, Gebr Alexander, Best Brass, Editions BIM, daCarbo, Vlastimil Jiracek, Josef Klier, Andreas Klingspor, Konig & Meyer, Kuhnl & Hoyer, Gijs van Leeuwen, MB Cases, Meinlschmidt, Miraphone, Paxman UK, Manfred Schmelzer, Engelbert Schmid, Robert Tucci, Kerstin Voigt...

And more...

We are stockists of products from our friends in the US, including Getzen-Edwards, EazyBucket, Glenn Cronkhite, Ivan Giddings, Instrument Innovations, MK Drawing, Monster Oil, James New, Wimbledon-Trigram, and more...

What's happening

This is a relaunch of the Horn Guys business as a retirement project, but only the cool stuff.  And cool people.  Make your appointment with Tawnee Lynn.


We are fortunate to be immersed within the music community that is Los Angeles: its studios, symphonies, theaters and conservatories, and its musicians and educators:  the best in the world.

We have drinkists

Fix coding, fix servers, check Vodak

Our thorough vetting of people and products is second to none.

And sometimes nappy nap

Plus drool and bark

And some will pontificate, others will absorb all information and store it like Borg, while the last will quietly go about their task of "knowing what you need".

Sometimes we can't even...

or literally even...

For small parts and repairs, we kindly refer you to our favorite repair technician friends, next time you see them for a tune-up.


To keep us inspired and thoughtful

R Tucci, S Maier, A Keller, D Tornquist,
L Stuntz, TL Lillo, D Brinton, J Noreyko,
M Anderson, R Sanders, RD Olson, P Klintworth,
J Gralle, R Stewart, J Mason, N Gladstone,
B Close, J Sandhagen, T Clements, S Ferguson

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We're scarce but we work slowly.

And...your best interest is at heart.

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